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[ Bonus content ] at Career Fair by EBS x UCL x EP Advisory πŸŽ“

As part of this event, our hosts from EP Advisory aim to:
1. Perform live CV and LinkedIn profile reviews πŸš€
2. Run free 10-minute 1-2-1 chats to discuss your career goals and how they can help.
Both are optional, so you decide if you want to maximise the efficiency of this event for you ⬇️

1. Live [ CV or LinkedIn ] review

Want to score a chance at receiving expert career advice for free? Submit your CV or LinkedIn profile (or both) below πŸ‘‡
β€” This review will be public to maximise the learning opportunity for everyone in the room. Your CV or LinkedIn will be shared on the main screen as the host makes comments and suggestions. Please hide the name or any specific details on your CV if you wish to stay anonymous.
β€” We'll review a maximum of 3 documents (4 if time permits). The hosts will pick them on the day.
Your CV (optional)
Your LinkedIn (optional)
Please click Submit at the bottom of the form to make sure we receive your CV/LinkedIn.

2. Discuss your career goals with an expert

Book an optional 10-min session where you can discuss what you want to achieve in your career, what you can improve right now to boost your chances, and how EP Advisory could help you do that.
** You're agreeing to EP Advisory's Privacy Policy by signing up for a meeting with us. We will not send you any spam, and we never give your data to anyone else.
Please click Submit when you are finished.